June 30, 2011

Image source: Wyss Institute



Last month I attended the Wyss Institute’s Symposium on Microfluidics and Medicine, a fantastic gathering of some of the most influential people in microfluidics from around the world. While many speakers were from academia, it was differe...

June 3, 2010

Forget the $1000 genome. Forget the $100 genome. GnuBio, a new startup out of the Weitz lab at Harvard, proposed a $30 genome yesterday at the Consumer Genetics Conference in Boston.


Less than five years ago, the goal for inexpensive sequencing was $1000 per...

April 29, 2010

Microfluidic devices have been described as  “computer chips with plumbing.”  But could microfluidics actually be used for computation?  Manu Prakash thinks so.  As a student in Neil Gershenfeld’s lab at MIT, Prakash developed a system of microfluidic devices that use...

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