Microfluidics Engineering - Accion Systems (1/20/2017)


About Accion

At Accion, we're working to change the world by making outer space more affordable and accessible. We come to work everyday to build next-generation ion engines, and other cool technologies for spacecraft. Our younger selves would be very proud of us.


Our team is excited about our mission and we work AND play hard together to achieve it. Aside from salary and benefits and things like that, we engage the team through activities including annual retreats, volunteer nights, lunch-and-learn sessions, monthly team dinners, and the chance to travel to and present at industry events. We strongly value self-motivated, enthusiastic employees and we work hard as a group to nurture growth mindsets in company and personal goals.


About this position

The mission for the microfluidics research scientist is to design, prototype, and test active and passive flow control systems for state of the art electric propulsion and other breakthrough technologies that are enabling a new generation of satellites and space systems. Additionally, the researcher will have the opportunity to contribute to advanced research in materials characterization and development. 



1. Support the development of propellant fluidic control systems for very precise low flow (nL/s to mL/s) control in a space environment. Activities will include research, analysis and simulation, design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing of valves, pumps, and other methods for precise fluid control and delivery


2. The ideal candidate will also be able to contribute to investigating, characterizing, synthesizing, and designing new materials and manufacturing methods for use in Accion electrospray systems. Materials and techniques may include porous dielectrics (ceramics, xerogels, sintered glass), silicon MEMS, polymers, electrochemical deposition or etching, injection molding, ultrasonic machining


3. Collaborate on ongoing research and development activities for future iterations of existing propulsion system components and future advanced technologies


4. Work closely with the team and product managers to understand customer and company requirements and objectives