Micro/Nanotech Seminar Series @MIT kicks off Spring 2010

The spring 2010 schedule is up for MIT’s Micro/Nano-technology Seminar Series (MNSS) and the lineup looks terrific:

  • February 18, 2010: Prof. Jongyoon Han, MIT Sorting Ions and Molecules using Nanofilters: Application of Ion Concentration Polarization (ICP)

  • March 4, 2010: Prof. Rustem Ismagilov, University of Chicago Space, complex networks, and microfluidic tools

  • April 15, 2010: Prof. Michael Roukes, California Institute of Technology. Biological Large-Scale Integration

  • April 22, 2010: Prof. Paul Yager, University of Washington A Point-of-Care System for the Developing World

All the talks are on Thursdays in Room 36-428 at MIT.