LinkedIn: the best online microfluidics network?

A lot of people ask what the point of LinkedIn is. Are the connections actually useful? I’ve found at least one use for LinkedIn — microfluidics networking and discussions! As I’ve mentioned before, there isn’t much microfluidics/bioMEMS activity on Twitter. But join theLinkedIn Microfluidics Group and you’ll find over 850 experts and enthusiasts from around the world.

In addition, the discussions seem high quality, drawing in experts such as Holger Becker, founder of microfluidic ChipShop as well as engineers and researchers from Fluidigm, RainDance, Imperial College in London, and others. Topics include discussions of the best materials for microfluidics (PDMS? plastics?), vendors for molding/embossing, and more. For example, see this recent discussion of the commercialization of microfluidics:

And there’s even a Jobs board. Kudos to Eli Zhang at the University of Illinois who founded the group in 2008. Also see microfluidics companies on LinkedIn.