Claros Diagnostics in Tech Review

Claros Diagnostics, who spoke at the first FluidicMEMS event, is on a roll. In the past few weeks their microfluidic technology for monitoring levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) has been covered in both Technology Review and Popular Science (April 2010 issue).

From the Technology Review article (March 31, 2010):

Claros’s technology, which consists of a small blood-collector device, a disposable cartridge, and a toaster-sized reader, could, in theory at least, be adapted to detect any number of different proteins. But the company has initially chosen to focus on PSA, which is routinely monitored. With current testing, blood samples are typically sent to a centralized lab for PSA analysis. Results are returned in a day or two. Claros’s test, now in clinical trials, would allow PSA readings to be determined during the patient’s visit.

In addition, the Claros immunoassay platform could be applied to a wide variety of other diagnostics. It’ll be interesting to see what new applications Claros may be thinking of for the future. Claros may also be interesting to watch because they’re pursuing global health markets in addition to markets in the US/Europe:

In addition to the PSA monitoring device, which will be marketed in the U.S and Europe, Sia is developing a second version of the system to screen for infectious diseases in poor countries. While it uses the same core technology, this version has a battery-powered reader about the size of an iPhone and is designed to detect HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis.

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