CMC Microsystems supports Canadian microfluidics R&D

If you’re in Canada and specialize in microfluidics research, development, and/or commercialization, check out CMC Microsystems. CMC is a partnership between industry and universities to help support and develop the Canadian microsystems industry by providing services to universities (e.g., CAD tools, fabrication services) not only in microfluidics, but also general MEMS, microelectronics, and other integrated technologies.

Faculty members and graduate students depend on CMC’s services to design, manufacture and test microsystems concepts for future applications in industrial sectors. Working with leading suppliers from across Canada and around the world, CMC offers products and services in microelectronics, MEMS, optoelectronics/photonics, microfluidics and embedded software.

In the current five-year period (2005-2010), CMC combines NSERC funding of $48.5 million with in-kind contributions from industry and added value from CMC to deliver a microsystems-centric program valued at $175 million. This program serves over 3,100 faculty members and graduate students in more than 43 universities across the country.

For microfluidics researchers specifically, CMC offers:

Primary application areas: electro-osmatics/electrophoresis flows (mixing, separation and detection), chemical analysis including DNA/blood analysis, DNA amplifications, electronics cooling

  • Design environments: CAD tools for design, (L-Edit from SoftMEMS/Tanner) and fluidic analysis with finite element analysis techniques (ANSYS)

  • Prototype manufacturing services: fabrication of networks of closed microchannels in glass substrate (Protolyne from Micralyne)

  • L-Edit/MEMSPro based technology files for Protolyne processes

  • Tutorial on Protolyne technology

  • Engineering support

To keep up on CMC Microsystems news, you can also follow them on Twitter@CMCMicrosystems, which provides updates on training and fabrication schedules, as well as links to their monthly bulletin. They also have a Facebook page and are on LinkedIn.