Microfluidics news roundup: December 7 2010

Here are some of the microfluidics-related headlines that caught my eye over the past several weeks. What else would you add here?

  • 12-03-2010: Fluidigm revives plan for IPO

  • 12-02-2010: Harvard Weitz lab spinout GnuBio raises $3M to become “ebay of biomarkers”

  • 11-30-2010: Cellix launches two new microfluidic platforms, the Vena4Y and Vena4Y2, for researchers to perform flow-based cell adhesion experiments while studying thrombosis and atherosclerosis

  • 11-25-2010: Fit-to-Flow interconnect project fuels imaginations by brilliantly comparing their proposed standardized microfluidic interconnect to a USB connector, something everyone can instantly understand

  • 11-24-2010: Genzyme sells its diagnostics products unit for $265MM

  • 11-23-2010: Interesting immunoassay/drug delivery technology at startup Akrivis

  • 11-12-2010: Time Magazine picks 3-D bioprinter from Organovo/Invetech as one of 2010’s 50 best inventions

  • 11-09-2010: CNN profiles smartphones for diagnosing STDs (via Joost Bonsen)

  • 11-08-2010: New collaboration between the Wyss Institute at Harvard and Agilent

  • 11-05-2010:

  • Daktari Diagnostics raises $1.8MM for its point-of-care diagnostics for HIV in developing countries

  • US Genomics renames itself “Pathogenetix” and raises $1.3MM (Does potential name-related confusion with Pathogenica lie ahead?)

  • 11-03-2010: Sony signs a deal with Caliper to manufacture microfluidics, taking advantage of Sony’s Blu-ray technology