FluidicMEMS March 2011 event: Tanya Kanigan reflects on lessons from BioTrove

Tanya Kanigan speaks at FluidicMEMS March 2011

Great to kick off the 2011 series of FluidicMEMS events with a fantastic gathering of over ~50 microfluidics and BioMEMS folks from academia and industry meeting last night. We heard from Tanya Kanigan, co-founder of BioTrove, about some of the lessons learned in taking a technology from an academic research project to successful acquisition. (In a timely coincidence, Biocius, a separate spinout from BioTrove was acquired yesterday by Agilent!)

Thank you to featured sponsor Zeta Instruments and co-sponsor Dolomite Microfluidics for helping make this event possible. Also thanks to Kaytlyn Racz and Leah Brunson of Microsoft for generously hosting us. Finally, a huge thanks to co-organizers-extraordinaire, A.J. Kumarand Joost Bonsen!

If you are interested in attending future events like this, please drop us a line with your contact information and background; please be specific about your title, the company/institution you work for, and the nature of your work.

Audience participation from the FluidicMEMS crowd

Discussions, discussions!

Explaining the purpose of the gathering — encouraging communication, innovation, and growth in microfluidics/BioMEMS

A.J. Kumar (center) in a serious conversation about microfluidics