3/21/2011: On-Q-Ity’s Mara Aspinall to speak at MassBio Annual Meeting

On March 21, On-Q-Ity’s Mara Aspinall will be speaking at the upcoming MassBio Annual Meeting in Cambridge, MA focused on personalized medicine. On-Q-Ity is developing microfluidic diagnostics for detecting rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and was featured in aFluidicMEMS blog post last year. Since then On-Q-Ity has forged a strategic alliance with LabCorp, a larger company that offers established sales, marketing, and distribution channels.

The microfluidic technology being commercialized at On-Q-Ity was originally developed at Masschusetts General Hospital (MGH), which recently licensed some CTC-related technologies to competitor Veridex. There has been some confusion surrounding what technology has been licensed where, and this was not always clear in the previous FluidicMEMS posts. To get a better sense of On-Q-Ity’s technology, see the scientific posters and abstracts at the On-Q-Ity website. Both On-Q-Ity and Veridex face additional competition, as Cytotrack recently announced a CTC product launch (for the ressearch market). Microfluidic capture of CTCs is only one aspect of On-Q-Ity’s technology portfolio, since they are also developing a number of DNA repair biomarkers for monitoring the effectiveness of cancer therapy.

More about the meeting can be found at the MassBio event site:

The 2011 Mass Bio Annual Meeting will focus on Personalized Medicine: Every Patient Tells a Story. Leading experts will discuss successes and failures, road blocks, business models, regulatory issues and other challenges around Personalized Medicine, while also sharing solutions and best practices.

We will also hear from patients and advocacy groups – key stakeholders in developing a new model for healthcare that is proactive and preventative.

Held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, in Cambridge, MA, the heart of the Massachusetts biotech cluster, this event will feature sessions led by industry luminaries and academic experts and an audience of over 400 attendees.

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