FluidicMEMS May 2011 Event: Bill Rodriguez of Daktari Diagnostics

Terrific to have Bill Rodriguez, CEO and founder of Daktari Diagnostics, speak at the FluidicMEMS gathering on May 26th sponsored by MicroPEP, where a mix of ~50 microfluidics folks in the Boston area from academia and industry gathered over food and drink to meet, exchange ideas, and trade stories. Daktari is developing a portable microfluidic CD4 cell counter for HIV patients in the developing world. Bill shared the behind-the-scenes process of going from a prototype to a product that must be low-cost, reliable and robust enough to withstand challenging conditions in rural Africa.

And thanks to the others who helped make this event happen: co-organizers A.J. Kumar andJoost Bonsen, co-sponsors Zeta Instruments and Dolomite Microfluidics, and Microsoft for generously hosting us at its research center in Cambridge!

For more:

  • Recent Lab on a Chip paper (March 2011) published by Daktari’s ancestral academic group at the Massachusetts General Hospital (note that the academic paper may not cover the exact same technological implementation as used at Daktari).

  • Video of 2008 talk given by Bill Rodriguez at CIMIT on CD4 cell counting in resource-limited settings

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