Microfluidics news roundup: August 1 2011

Some headlines from the past couple months. It’s been a busy summer in the microfluidics/lab-on-a-chip world! Have you run across other news to share?

  • 08-01-2011: PathoGenetiX (formerly US Genomics) raises $4M.

  • 07-31-2011: Nature Medicine paper on microfluidic HIV/syphilis mChip diagnostic from Samuel Sia’s group at Columbia is covered by the Washington Post and the Telegraph.

  • 07-25-2011: Caliper gets European CE mark registration for LabChip Dx, a microfluidic-based diagnostic chip.

  • 07-25-2011: IDEXX, maker of diagnostics and technologies for veterinary and food/water safety markets, reports growth in Q2.

  • 07-22-2011: MIT press release on the Kamm group’s exploration of microfluidic models of tumor cell metastasis.

  • 07-20-2011: Gyros, maker of microfluidic, miniaturized immunoassays, signs Japan distribution agreement with GE Healthcare.

  • 07-20-2011: IonTorrent, maker of semiconductor-based gene sequencers, publishesarticle in Nature and is featured in the New York Times.

  • 07-18-2011: Thermo Fisher acquires TREK Diagnostics, maker of automated microbiology systems.

  • 07-18-2011: Forbes looks at the innovative business model at Diagnostics For All.

  • 06-14-2011: RainDance Technologies announces collaboration with Sony DADC to co-develop and manufacture microdroplet-based “smart consumables.”