Microfluidics news roundup: September 10 2011

Possibly the biggest recent news — PerkinElmer buying Caliper Life Sciences! As a Bostonian, it’s great to see Caliper being bought by another Massachusetts-based company. More from the past few weeks:

  • Sept 8 2011: PerkinElmer buys Caliper Life Sciences for $600M.

  • Sept 1 2011: Advanced Liquid Logic and NuGen partner for sample prep automation, and both are collaborating with the Broad Institute.

  • Sept 1 2011: Technology Review covers microfluidic approach to harvesting energy from footfalls from Univ. of Wisconsin group, which is also starting a company based on the idea: InStepNanoPower.

  • Aug 10 2011: T2 Biosystems raises additional $23M (Series D) for rapid diagnostic for infectious disease.

  • Aug 10 2011: More press for the mChip — medGadget interview Samuel Sia.

  • Aug 6 2011: National Public Radio covers Samuel Sia’s mChip work, also interviews Catherine Klapperich and Bernhard Weigl. Great to hear the term “lab-on-a-chip” in the lay media!

  • Aug 4 2011: Fluidigm and BD Biosciences announce collaborative public seminar serieson research analyzing single cells. Looking forward to seeing the schedule!

  • Aug 2 2011: On-Q-ity founder, Mara Aspinall, moves into a new role as President of Roche’s Ventana Medical Systems.