BioMEMS symposium at the MRS conference

The next Materials Research Society (MRS) Conference in Boston is at the end of the month, and the lineup for theSymposium II: BioMEMS Material and Devices (Nov 28 – Dec 1)looks fantastic.

Topics range widely, including BioMEMS, microfluidics for cell culture, CTC capture, implantable devices, biosensors, and tools for cell mechanics. Talks include:

  • Microfluidic Technology for Building and Handling 3D Tissue Structures. Shoji Takeuchi

  • Neuroscience on a Chip. Albert Folch

  • Multipurpose Microfluidic Probes: Dipoles, Quadrupoles and Electrochemical Sensors for Studies with Cells and Tissue. David Juncker

  • Microfluidics for Cell Sorting and Clinical Applications.Mehmet Toner

  • Immuno-Pillar Chips for Clinical Diagnosis.Manabu Tokeshi

  • Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing for Hydrogel Cell Culture Substrates.Michael Poellmann, Kira L. Barton and Amy J. Wagoner Johnson

  • Toward a Lithographically Patterned Bio-Artificial Pancreas. Jaehyun Park, Yevgeniy V. Kalinin, Christina L. Randall and David H. Gracias

  • Microfabricated Polyester Microwell Device for Stem Cell Culture Experiments.Seila Selimovic, Francesco Piraino, Hojae Bae, Marco Rasponi, Alberto Redaelli and Ali Khademhosseini

  • Applications of Sensing and Actuation Materials in Medical Micro-Instruments.Yogesh Gianchandani

  • …and many other speakers and topics.