Robert Westervelt speaks at FluidicMEMS Dec 2011: Making cells dance!

January 18, 2012

FluidicMEMS organizers: A.J. Kumar, Lily Kim, and Joost Bonsen


Last month we had our biggest ever FluidicMEMS gathering of lab-on-a-chip folks as we heardProfessor Robert Westervelt speak on programmable integrated circuit / microfluidic chips to manipulate biological cells and liquid droplets. Platforms like the one above could save time and money by automating resource-intensive biological tasks by individually trapping and moving large numbers of cells and droplets.


A huge thanks to co-organizers A.J. Kumar and Joost Bonsen, sponsor Maine Manufacturing and co-sponsor uFluidix for making the event possible. We were generously hosted by Microsoft at its New England Research & Development (N.E.R.D.) Center in Cambridge.  If you’re interested in participating in or sponsoring an event like this, please drop us a line.



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 FluidicMEMS organizers: A.J. Kumar, Lily Kim, and Joost Bonsen

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