FluidicMEMS Event November 5 2012: Jose Gomez-Marquez from Little Devices @ MIT

And on the heels of our October event, on November 5th we hosted another FluidicMEMS gathering featuring Jose Gomez-Marquez of MIT’s Little Devices group talking about using microfluidics for low-cost medical devices/diagnostics for the developing world. We are grateful to sponsor Trianja Technologies which specializes in manufacture of glass microstructures and to Microsoft New England Research and Development Center for generously hosting us. And as always, we were excited to see a terrific mix of ~70 people from universities, startups, and research organizations mingling, connecting, and exchanging ideas!

Jose Gomez-Marquez’s group takes a different approach to microfluidic device design. Often the medical devices that we design for the G7 go unused in developing countries because they are a poor fit for the needs of those environments. What if we instead provided a medical toolkit that allowed doctors and nurses in developing countries to build what they need? This is the idea behind the MEDIkit platform which includes microfluidic components. Jose also spoke about a host of other fascinating global health efforts at Little Devices — check them out here!

Jose Gomez-Marquez of MIT’s Little Devices group

FluidicMEMS organizer A.J. Kumar of the Whitesides group at Harvard introduces our speaker.

MIT student Melinda Hale and colleagues.