Introducing the FluidicMEMS blogging team

Welcome to the new FluidicMEMS website! We are relauching the site to introduce a new team and new content, in pursuit of our mission to help bring together people from academia, medicine, industry, and business to explore how microfluidic and BioMEMS technology will impact healthcare, research, and beyond.

We would like to introduce the new FluidicMEMS blogging team: Bashar Hamza, a graduate student at MIT who is developing microfluidics tools to study the dynamics of circulating tumor cells in vivo; Rob Kimmerling, a graduate student at MIT who is developing tools for linking single-cell phenotype with gene expression; Steven Nagle, an instructor at MIT and a microfluidics industry expert; and Vivian Hecht, who recently finished her graduate work studying biophysical properties of lymphocytes, and is currently working at a startup in Cambridge. We will be working together with FluidicMEMS founder, Lily Kim, to keep you updated with the latest in microfluidics news and more.

Please stay tuned as well for information about future FluidicMEMS industry meetings, where we provide an opportunity for academics and professionals to share ideas over drinks and appetizers, and hear a brief talk from leaders in the field.

If you are interested in sharing an event, a job posting, or an update about your organization with us, please contact